Things I heard in therapy

Things I heard in therapy

By: Alba Yagüe

200 pages

There are still those who believe that therapy is only for people who find themselves in a very bad situation or those who are “crazy”, and some people do not even tell others that they are attending therapy because they feel ashamed to do so. As if needing help and seeking it out was a sign of weakness. Fortunately, more and more people are now using therapy and they are doing so in a perfectly normal way.

This book deals with real people. Each chapter looks at a person and his or her therapeutic process, which the author then uses to tell us about the things that bring us closer to one another and the things that make us human: fear, the wounds we carry in our soul, blame, shame, anxiety, love, loneliness, and how we keep repeating the same situations, or the situations that life places in our way time and time again before we finally discover what it is that we have to learn.

Things That I have Heard in Therapy will help us to identify with one or many of the experiences that the author describes, and to understand that talking about feelings is not something that is alien to us



Alba Yagüe

About Alba Yagüe

Alba Yagüe Megías has been a Gestalt therapist since 2002 and is a supervisor of therapists. She heads the Gestalt Centre, Therapeutic and Creative Space in Barcelona. Trained in Claudio Naranjo’s SAT Programme, she is a full member of the Spanish Gestalt Therapy Association.


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