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The Wonder Approach in Parenting

The Wonder Approach in Parenting

How to give back to our children the love of learning they were born with

By: Catherine LEcuyer

184 pages


Rights sold to: Italy (Elliot Edizioni), Korea (The Open Books), Brazil (Loyola) and China (Heilongjianh Education Publishing House CO., Ltd.)

4 weeks on the Top 100

Sample in French and English available

For the last 20 years, our children have lived in an environment that is more and more frenetic, competitive and demanding. During these years parents have met with a new challenge in education. They have come to believe that “more and earlier is better”. As a result, children are encouraged to play with educational toys, are pressured to excel in one activity after another and are exposed to hours of fast paced screen viewing. Do children need so much input? It is time to unveil a series of educational myths. Updates in neuroscience tell us that more and earlier is not the better. On the contrary, constant noise and stimulus consume our children’s attention, and interrupt their natural learning process, making it increasingly difficult for them to observe, to question and to wonder.

According to Aristotle, all men by nature desire to learn. This desire to learn is what philosophers call wonder. The wonder approach consists in creating a favorable environment, so that the natural desire to learn can flourish in our children and later teenagers. The wonder approach is about respecting our children’s own pace, their need for silence, nature and mystery. It is about giving them opportunities for gratefulness and beauty, giving them back the love of learning they were born with.



Catherine L'Ecuyer

About Catherine L'Ecuyer

Catherine L’Ecuyer is Canadian. She studied Law at Université Laval in Canada, she has an MBA from the IESE Business School and a Research Master from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. She has worked as a lawyer in Montréal in an international law firm (Fasken). In Spain, she has worked as a consultant and advisor in several companies, like Abertis, Pepsi, Caprabo, Sony and Croda.

In 2006, her experience as a mother (she now has four children) led her to investigate, write and speak about education through her blog, speeches, publications and so forth. She focuses on the importance of secure attachment and of the sense of wonder in the child learning process. In 2010, she launched the Apego-Asombro (Attachment-Wonder) project for which she was nominated by the Premios Proteus de Ética in the Educational Project of the Year category. Catherine owns a blog where she publishes information about the importance of wonder and beauty in education:, on a weekly basis. Catherine is now appearing on a regular basis in the media (La Vanguardia, Televisión Española, National magazines, etc.) and has participated to a TED event on the topic of her book “Wonder and Beauty in Education”.

The newspaper Frontiers in Human Neuroscience published the article «The Wonder Approach to Learning», which into a new theory of learning her thesis. 

Interview on La Vanguardia:


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